While it began as an activity "just for fun", it became apparent that Quincy loved doing nose work, and was FAST, so Abby decided to try competing with her. She passed all three ORT's in February, 2014. Quincy earned her NW1 in May 2014, her NW2 in October 2014, and ran her first NW3 in December 2014! 

     In addition to earning all four Level 1 Element titles (Interiors, Exteriors, Vehicles, and Containers), 2015 was spent chasing that elusive Elite title.  Abby and Quincy participated in nine NW3 competitions that year. Quincy got her first NW3 title in March 2015, and her second NW3 in July 2015. Her third NW3, and an Elite title, was finally earned in May 2016, as Abby finally learned to step back and trust her.

Quincy earned her Elite 1 title in Manchester, NH on October 8, 2016. Sadly, Quincy passed away less than a week later. 

    In May 2017, Abby got a new partner in a black Labrador puppy, Magic, and the nose work journey continues!

Abby and her Labrador retriever Quincy were introduced to nose work in 2013. Abby had been looking for something fun to do with Quincy in her advanced age (she was 9 years old at the time). In her first lesson, Quincy lit up and clearly loved the game! Quincy's obvious joy while sniffing was wonderful to watch, and Abby was instantly hooked.

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